Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random things about being a new mommy

1. You do get to stay in your PJ's if you want too. Although, I found it is better to get up and get dressed.
2. Hormones...Think again, if you think they go away after birth
3. Belly Flab! It is the new look for the season. I serious thought it would be much better than it truely is.
4. Labor really do forget about them the moment you see your baby.
5. Breastfeeding is harder than it seems. (boob meet baby mouth...uh not that easy)
6. Late nights...what? Not for the midnight shag session. It is bottles and diapers.
So the other night Lily Anne went to bed and I thought I would take a moment for myself. So I painted the toes and started the bath tub. Oh how I have long to take a bath without Lily Anne kicking me the whole time. So in I go and Mich thought he would be half romantic and join. Well, nice thought. I must have lost track of time. Because Lily Anne was heard on the baby monitor. Darn for that wonderful moment.

* The realization that is no longer just me and Mich set in. This is our new life. *

Here are some random photos.


  1. Amen to everything on your list!!! Life does change, but it just gets better and better (when you finally get over the sleep deprivation part!).


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